Academic Writing Skills - 2nd Edition
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Teacher code

When requesting an evaluation copy or teacher’s copy, you will receive login details via email for the course, meaning you will be given authorization. For example, after having logged in with information, you will immediately be able to view the correct answers to the questions. In addition, you can gain access to the student tracking system with this code.

With the login details, you will receive a four-digit teacher code. This teacher code is very important because it is the code we use to link a student to their teacher. This instructs the system as to which students belong to which teacher.


Give your teacher code to the students you wish to track when they are using this website. Ask them to enter the code when creating their own account. They may, however, also enter the code at a later stage.


Forgotten your code?


Your code is listed under my account.


Login information

The login information consists of your email address and password. If you have forgotten your password, you can retrieve it here automatically.


Group Code

If you're supervising lots of students, you may want to group them in the student tracking system. Ask your students to enter a group code for their account. You won't have to change any settings for this. It is, however, important that everyone enters their group code in exactly the same way. Make sure the group code is short and easy. 


The student will then enter this in his or her student account as is done here:


Tip: deze website werkt wel op systemen met een smal scherm zoals een smartphone, maar je kunt hem beter gebruiken op een computer of tablet.

Hint: this website does work on a smartphone screen, but we recommend that you use a computer or tablet.